Update for: James J Frame Unlawful Arrest, Search & Seizure, Falsified Police Reports – 7/25/18

As of April, 2019, James Frame has been found not-guilty of two misdemeanor charges, Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Illegal Arrest, and is appealing three others in Superior Court. Despite conflicting testimonies and lack of proof-beyond-reasonable-doubt, the battle continues, many tax dollars and work hours wasted over the false charges of a single aggressive renegade patrolman who still regularly performs illegal actions. In the meantime, a $10,000 PR bail looms over James’ head, his firearms (unrelated to any accused crime) remain illegally confiscated, and uncompensated financial damages remain his burden, without due process.

“Almost a year tangled in the system for nothing more than mouthing off to an abusive cop in a bad mood, and that cop remains a hero, and my reputation slandered, taxpayer time and money wasted. It would be better for everyone if the SKPD ceased their personal vendetta in retaliation for challenging a rookie officer’s illegal actions and the department’s public relations monopoly, and pleaing innocent to a fabricated crime. If the charges were dropped, we could end this battle among fellow civilian citizens and leave it all behind.”