James J Frame Unlawful Arrest, Search & Seizure, Falsified Police Reports – 7/25/18

James’ case has taken to trial, with the next and likely last District Court date on December 6th. Anyone is invited to attend at Mcgrath Judicial Complex 4800 Tower Hill Rd, Wakefield, RI 02879, Courtroom 4.Trial won’t likely begin until after 2-2:30pm.

James statement 11/24/18

“After turning down a plea bargain to any one of the false charges, illegally obtained evidence was admitted, so it’s likely I’ll be found guilty at least of having a folding work knife that was 3/4” too big- a misdemeanor. If so, I will appeal any charges to Superior Court and continue to fight on principal, even if it means more time and the possibility of a harsher conviction, despite the impossibility proof beyond a reasonable doubt. in this situation.

“It’s unfortunate that Patrolman Jonathan McHugh of the SKPD perjured himself in court on multiple occasions and that the inconsistencies in the arresting officers’ statements were ignored by the judge, but I remain hopeful that some justice will come out of an easily avoidable situation. At least Officer McHugh is more hesitant to harass and illegally search skaters, as he is known to do. Affidavits will be released by parkgoers who have witnessed his heavyhanded and illegal tactics that brought him into conflict with myself and others less knowledgeable of the law and Bill of Rights.

“I encourage everyone to record all interactions with police, even if you are just a bystander for your own safety. RICRU’s child program Copwatch New England will focus on providing tips and accountability for just this. If I had been smart enough to pull out my phone on July 25th, the arresting officer would be the one on trial for perjury today.

“We must remember that while most police have the best intentions, their powerful authority and mentality must be balanced with accountability that we as average citizens can wield every day with nothing more than a cheap smartphone or dashcam. Tape! Every! Police! Interaction!

“Stay safe and stay strong. Enjoy the rights you have, fight hard for them, and thank you for the support.”