Police (and TheRoot.com) Point Finger at Innocent Man Killed by Implying He Shouldn’t Have Had His Legal Gun Out

Emantic “EJ” Bradford, 21, murdered by Alabama Police

Crossposted from Copwatch: New England

Alabama resident Emantic “EJ” Bradford, 21, was killed by police who were responding to an active shooter situation in which he brandished his gun. Police later said it was unlikely he was involved.

The Root posted an article denouncing the murder and state’s response to the tragedy, but author Natalie Degraffinried draws conclusions that seem to blame armed citizens like Mr. Bradford themselves as much as on the institution that killed him.

RICRU’s media manager states: “I’m shocked the conclusion of this article is that American citizens, including minorities, should be MORE disarmed, and that police murder of a black person exercising his legal gun rights is a ‘bad argument against gun control (prohibition).’

Rather than calling for better training or disarmament of police, and normalization of armed, self-protecting citizens, the author essentially blames the death of this young man on his brandishing of a gun, rather than targeting police and establishment prejudice against citizens’ and specifically minorities’ right to armament and self defense.

This is an illogical conclusion and a shameful ‘bad is good’ politicization of a horrific murder brought on by worship of the state over the rights of individuals. In short, the author believes THE STATE that shot the victim trying to defend himself and others should DISARM people like the victim to prevent tragedies brought on by THE STATE and cultural anti-gun stigma.”

In conclusion, the fault for this untimely murder of a black American and honorable veteran is not to be blamed on his legal brandishing of a firearm during an active shooter situation, but the negligence and limited training of American police, racial prejudice, and the cultural and institutional ignorance and stigma debilitating legal armament of average law-abiding Americans.