Politically-Motivated Assault on Samson Racioppi in Providence Place Mall – 8/4/18

Libertarian activist Sam Racioppi

Activist Samson Racioppi

Libertarian activist, Army veteran, and former candidate for Congress Samson Racioppi was struck an inch from his spine in the back of the neck with a large bike lock in the Providence Place Mall shortly after the Freedom Rally & March was illegally attacked by anti-free-speech protesters and terrorists. A video capturing the attack shows a masked individual dressed in all black striking Mr. Racioppi from behind while distracted, then running away readjusting his mask, as mall security looked on, stunned.

1 Felony, 1 Misdemeanor for Attempted Murder?

Alexander R. Carrion, 34, previously charged with politically-motivated crimes at a rally in 2016, was charged with Assault with Intent to Commit a Felony – Serious Injury, and Disorderly Conduct. We are shocked that only these charges were filed, considering the risk of death or serious injury were Mr. Racioppi hit in the spine or head.

We are spreading news of the attempted murder and petitioning other journalists to cover this event unbiasedly. RI NPR has been contacted regarding their shamefully biased article that, despite being updated, contains no information on the attacker or that he was clearly on the opposition’s side, and had attacked someone on the side of the peaceful rally that was destroyed in an act of terrorism.

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